Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mark that off the List

Mark That off the List - Bucket list items completed

I decided to move our completed items off the Original Bucket list. These items were mostly completed in 2010, 2011, & 2012. We had some very productive and enjoyable years. Even among the chaos that life threw at us, we had a ton of fun!! Some of our adventures included my step daughter(s), grandbabies, the boys, friends of mine, and total strangers that we pulled into our moments as they occurred :-) 

1. See a beach on the east coast of the US. ---Complete
2. Walk on sand barefoot ---Complete
4. See a sun set at a beach on the east coast ---Complete
5. Take the boys to the Pinnacle overlook in TN,VA,KY. ---Complete
8. Be a tourist in our own home town ---Complete
9. Eat authentic German food ---Complete
10. Eat Sushi ---Complete
13. Ride on a train---Complete
18. Eat sushi again...incase I didn't like it the first time! ---Complete
19. Touch the clouds with my boys. (Did it on Clinch mountain) ---Complete
20. Stay in a hotel ---Complete
22. Go to Virginia. ---(Complete) Visit the ARE Museum.
23. Pet a rabbit for an hour ---Complete
24. Lay in the middle of the road, stare at the stars during Autumn, with my boys. ---Complete
25. Take the boys to Gatlinburg, TN around Christmas time. --- Complete
26. See Cades Cove - complete
28. Rent a cabin in the mountains for a weekend. - Complete
29. Go Hiking --- Complete
31. Teach the boys to properly fish. (So I don't spend all day untangling lines, baiting their hooks, etc) - Complete
32. Attend a live concert ---Complete
36. See a live dog race ---Complete
37. Learn to play poker - Complete
38. Learn plumbing ---Complete
43. Travel to Ohio ---Complete
47. Go to a casino & gamble a tad. ---Complete
48. Play a slot machine! ---Complete
50. Eat real Italian food ---Complete
51. Go to Disney World ---Complete
53. This one is private, but has been accomplished. - Complete
55. Tour a Naval base. ---Complete
56. Touch a tank!!! ---Complete
57. Eat authentic Korean food ---Complete
61. Take the boys to see the Iron Furnace and Warriors path in Cumberland Gap, TN ---Complete
67. See the ocean from the gulf coast. ---Complete
73. Understand Buddhism. -- Complete (I have a good understanding of it although I do not practice this faith. I am Christian. I added this goal to my list after a very good friend dying of cancer converted to this faith. I spent some time with him as he educated me on his new faith and an "understanding" is all I have.)
74. Swim in the ocean. – Assateague Island Beach/Chincoteague Island /Ocean City Beach - Complete
75. Touch an American fighter jet.--- Complete
76. Clear the clutter out of my life once a year. 2009 complete, 2010 complete, 2011 complete, 2012 complete
81. Drive underwater while having lunch in a car ---Complete
83. Have a picnic on a grassy green medium in the middle of 2 roads.---Complete
87. Ride in an airplane both small and large. FLY!! ---Complete
88. Travel to & spend the night on an island. - Complete
89. See Norris Dam ---Complete
90. See a live horse race ---Complete
91. Ride on a monorail ---Complete
94. Go to the Rossini festival in the Spring ---Complete
95. Dance in public ---Complete
96. See a waterfall.---Complete
100. Be a prissy, fake, uptight, too good for anyone girl - wearing makeup, dress, high heels, and hair all done up for one day. THIS ONE MAY NEVER HAPPEN!! ---Complete! I did it :-)
102. Move away from the swamp --- complete (Moved away for 1 year, then moved back home to the swamp again.)
104. Kiss in the rain -- complete
106. Visit a metropolis --- Complete
117. See a lighthouse up close, touch it, climb it - Complete
118. Wear a bathing suit in public - Complete!!

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